Latest News

Latest News

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2021

Our club AGM is usually scheduled for early March but this year’s had to be postponed due to the ongoing restrictions at that time. It will now take place on Friday September 10th with a 7.30pm start. Any items for the agenda must be given to the club secretary, Lorraine Hales, in person, by e-mail – – or by post – c/o the club address – by 7pm on Monday September 6th.

We are now inviting nominations for the following seven roles:

  • – Honorary President
  • – Chairman or Chairwoman
  • – Vice-chairman or Vice-chairwoman
  • – Treasurer
  • – Secretary
  • – Membership secretary
  • – Minutes secretary.

The forms for nominees are now on the bowling notice board near the pool table. All nominees for the above roles and the new committee must sign the nomination form and each nominee requires a proposer and a seconder before their nomination will be considered. All nominations will close at 7pm on Monday September 6th.

Just a quick, polite reminder that all non-members must leave the club prior to the AGM commencing and none will be allowed entry until the meeting has ended.

Safeguarding Officer

We are pleased to announce that Malcolm Wragg has very kindly volunteered to fulfil the role of Outlane Bowling Club’s very first Safeguarding Officer. For those who need them, his contact details are available behind the bar.

The role of a Safeguarding Officer is to be a point of contact and advice for any members or visitors who feel threatened, intimidated or uncomfortable while they are at the club. This is primarily aimed at children and vulnerable adults but Malcolm will be open to approach from anyone in need of his help. The bowling authorities, our club and other bowling clubs are all committed to the safety and welfare of their members and visitors.

Many thanks to Malcolm for offering to carry out this role.